Friday, 6 January 2012


We all strive for it....seldom is it found!...& even if found, it's transient. It vanishes as soon as we let go of our conscious effort to achieve it. Understanding some basics behind it can definitely improve the situation & hasten our journey from"practice" to "perfection".
The first step is achieving Emotional Detachment. It implies not letting the events, people & situation around you affect you. It doesn't mean being indifferent. An indifferent person is not involved in the situation & is uncaring but an emotionally detached person is involved in the situation, with the exception that his/ her emotions are in check...he/she's not emotionally involved. He/she is not subject to prejudices & biases; he/she is not a slave to his/her ego. Such persons are not in a reactionary frame of mind. Hence they are able to comprehend the situation more clearly & take more appropriate actions.

To put it in a simple equation:
INDIFFERENCE = Non involvement ( therefore, No Action; therefore, No Initiative)
DETACHMENT = Involvement ( therefore, Action; therefore, initiative) MINUS the Emotions
Now, how to recognize you are getting emotionally involved? Signals are:
a) you take everything personally
b) you allow situations & people to affect your words & behaviour
c) worries, anxieties & negative thoughts
When you start thinking negatively, you start attracting negative energies, leading to manifestation of your worst fears!....this leads us all into a vicious cycle of negativism, triggered by just one negative thought.
Positive thoughts might not always lead to all your wishes coming true but they'll surely never land you into trouble or depression. So as soon as you encounter a negative thought, just shrug it off. If you cannot change something, accept it...don't let it bother you (after all you're not GOD. Let the Higher Authority above play his strings on us mortals!!). NEVER attach yourself to the end result. This way you are saving yourself from:
a) being emotionally involved with the situation
b) having expectations
c) rude shock if the outcome is not as you desired.

How to practise detachment?
a) through meditation
b) through deliberate efforts on our part of analyzing circumstances before reacting to it.
Meditation means focusing your mind on single positive thought; not listening to the inner clutter of thoughts & voices coming to your mind; raising yourself above the chaos of thoughts, feelings & emotions swirling through your mind. In meditation one endeavors not to follow the thoughts & feelings that arise. Gradually you develop the habit of staying calm & emotionally detached not only during meditation but also in everyday life.

Some temporary measures to assist you in your efforts:
a) Get in touch with Nature every now & then
b) Take a walk where you can be alone
c) Get enough sleep
d) Watch programs that make you laugh, feel happy & inspired
e) Read inspiring quotes everyday
f) Be more forgiving & don't harbor grudges & resentment
g) Don't blame/ criticize people
h) Don't postpone doing stuff that you don't like. Finish them off first & get them off your mind
i) Be aware of your thoughts & refuse dwelling on negative thoughts. Don't fight them, just express a lack of interest in them
f) When worried, take a few deep breaths
g) Seek the company of positive & peaceful people.
               Hope your journey is fun & fruitful..!!!

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